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    WP 101 – Creating A New Post

    23 Apr 2018 in General & Tutorials & WordPress

    Ready, Set… Post!!! For our clients who are just getting familiar with your website’s WordPress CMS (Content Management System), here’s a great beginner video tutorial (desktop/laptop/tablet compatible) from our friends at iThemes for getting started with your first WP weblog post. Enjoy!     Notes From The Video To get started creating your first WordPress post, locate the Posts menu in the left-hand side of the WordPress Dashboard. You can either hover over the Posts link or click to expand...

    The WordPress Visual Editor

    06 Nov 2017 in General

    Using the WordPress Visual Editor Most WordPress users spend more time with WordPress visual editor writing posts than any other part of the admin area. WordPress visual editor allows you to create content in a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) environment. It is easy to use, but as a power user you can increase your productivity by learning these lesser-known tricks. In this article, we have gathered 14 tips for mastering the WordPress visual editor. These tips...

    Web 101: Simple Text Sitemap

    24 Oct 2017 in General & Tutorials & Website Tips & WordPress

    How to Build a Text Outline for a New Website When starting a new business website, you must balance everything you know about the target customers and their needs alongside the list of your business requirements and create an outline for the site. Sorting, categorizing and prioritizing information for your website outline is very helpful to your web developer. After you have a prioritized list of user and business-driven content and features, translate them into an old-fashioned outline. This outline...

    The Simple Truth About SEO

    06 Sep 2017 in General & Tutorials & Website Tips & WordPress

    SOURCE: Brent Beshore, Forbe’s Contributor Recently, I got a call from one of our portfolio company’s CEOs, who was frustrated by his confusion around SEO. He felt like he just couldn’t get a straight answer. Each “expert” claimed to know the secret sauce and recommended different strategies (most of which they eventually admitted could result in Google penalizing the site). I set up a meeting with a small group of highly experienced entrepreneurs who had built multiple Inc. 500 companies...

    AME Printing & Branding

    14 Aug 2017 in AME Resources & General

    Today’s offset and digital printers are adding many more options to their print services that captivate and awe their customers. For example, green printing options, sustainable inks, extensive paper stocks, new creative folds, shapes, luxury packaging, foils, thicknesses and more are all about the modernization of the print industry as a whole, and the expansion of customization and personalization options for printing and branding clients. AME stands with those at the forefront of this effort.

    5 Reasons To Use A Premium WP Theme

    02 Jul 2017 in General & Website Tips & WordPress

    When Is “Premium” Worth The Price? It’s a fact: WordPress is hands-down the most powerful and popular CMS (Content Management System) software on the planet. Having evolved light years beyond it’s original simple weblog (blog) concept, it is now the most stable and flexible platform upon which to build a website, and amazingly, still freely distributed as open-source software. Those of you who have spent any length of time browsing the WordPress Free Themes Directory will know that there are...