WordPress User Basics

WordPress User Basics

Tips For WP Blogging – 101

Wordpress was born out of a desire for an elegant, well-architectured personal publishing system built on PHP and MySQL and licensed under the GPLv2 (or later). It is the official successor of b2/cafelog. WordPress is fresh software, but its roots and development go back to 2001. It is a mature and stable product.

The quickest and easiest way to post to your WordPress Blog (short for ‘Weblog’) is to use the QuickPress function on the main dashboard page once logged in. However, for more options, you can go to the Posts tab in the left sidebar menu of your admin interface, and explore the possibilities.

Do not repeat the title of your post in the top of the content area. The title will automatically be prominently displayed per the CSS coding of your website. Use bolded sub-topic titles within your post structure where appropriate.

Keep your posts neat, succinct and to the point. Avoid unnecessary formatting, as this distracts from the overall elegance of your professionally produced website. Basic text with only minimal, essential bolding or italics and appropriate paragraph breaks, make your posts look clean and professional. Avoid special colors that defeat your site’s CSS. This helps the reader focus on the essence and message of your content, rather than whimsical, erratic stylings.

Include an Image if possible, preferably at the start of the post. Adding an image is a simple matter of clicking the spot you want the image to appear, then using the ‘add media’ button to upload an image, or link to a previously uploaded image in the media library. Once uploaded or selected, scroll through the options for aligning the image to the left, right or center. Choose a medium or thumbnail setting if you are using an oversized image. Avoid the full-size setting unless you know what you’re doing and your image is pre-formatted to the desired size.

Include any relevant links, to pages or posts on your own website or externally. If the link is external, make sure to include the target=”blank_” component to your link, so it opens in a separate window.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter and many other social networking sites, you have complete control over your posts. You can edit the post date, content, links and images any time you want.

To post to your weblog using your mobile phone or tablet, browse the WordPress Mobile Apps to find the perfect solution for your particular mobile platform.

Its YOUR weblog. So enjoy, experiment and most of all… have fun!



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