Your Website: Your Hub

Your Website: Your Hub


Folks, we here at the AME NETWORK have exposed the advantages of centralizing your web presence by using your exclusive domain name and highly customized website as a dynamic “hub” for everything you do online… time and time again.

Still not convinced?

Consider this:

1. The social and media networks you use are owned by someone else, and you give up critical rights to your material by accepting their proprietary user agreements.

2. These networks may, at any time, and at their discretion per said agreements, change the way your content is displayed, delivered, shared and utilized.

3. Of course, we all know about the adding of advertising that you had no intention of promoting.

4. These proprietary entities (do we need to name them?) may also share your vital information and web stats with untold numbers of undisclosed interests and private concerns, without further permission from you or communication with you.

5. Finally, ALL successful companies, organizations, collectives and effective real world operators have their proprietary content and information securely stored and deployed through their own website networks, of which social media is simply a supportive, integrated and functional component.

For more information, do some research!


We’re not asking that you take our word for it. This is common knowledge among experienced web professionals and savvy operators across the globe. Rather than shove stats at you, we encourage you to find out on your own, and perhaps conclude that we’re here to mightily empower you!

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